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Expansionstechnik: Uno City Wien
Our first great reference plant in the sector expansion technique was installed at the beginning of the Seventhies in the UNO City Vienna. This building is equipped with an Elko-mat EDER pressurisation maintenance system since around 40 years.

Expansionstechnik: Hotel Regina
The renowned hotelier family Kremslehner from Vienna decided in a course of a quality campaign to complement the parent house of the group, the hotel Regina (Rooseveltplatz, 1090 Vienna) with an exclusive roof extension. In the course of these extensions family Kemslehner desided to adapt the house technique to the latest requirements.

By a desire, saving the historical structure, this project was particularly demanding. Mr. Ing. Reithofer, manager of our longtime partner company Offner-Installations, has desided to convert the existing open system to a closed system. Due to the known plant data an Elko-mat EDER pressurisation unit of the series Systemwart (SW 1500), supplemented by a fresh water softening module MWE was implemented.