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1922: The Beginning

Foundation of an one man locksmithery by Anton Eder I. and his wife Margarethe.
In the meantime the first tile stoves were designed.

1950ths – second generation

Anton Eder II. took over the company in the fifties and expanded to an nationwide company. Finally he put his life´s work into the hands of his sons Anton III, Johann and Alfred.

1955 – bath boilers

Production of elko-therm EDER bath boilers started. Since that time this product was sold over 100,000 times. The system of selective heating and hot water conditioning developed at that time is still valid today.

1964 – EDER boiler

Start of boiler manufactoring: each product, manufactored by the group of EDER companies, passes many stations, until it achieves the end costumer. It is developed, optimized, perfected, quality checked and documented.

1969 – branch factory Leisach

Additionally to the parent company in Bramberg the branch factory Leisach in Lienz (east Tyrol) was aquired. Elko-flex EDER expansion vessels and metal goods are produced. This laid the foundation of the market-leading production of expansion vessels and elko-mat pressurisation units.

1970 – Salzburg

Formation of the branch office in the city of Salzburg as the centre of excellence for  distribution of EDER heating technology products.

1970 – elko-mat EDER

The first pressurisation unit is developed and built in the branch factory Leisach. This was the beginning of the elko-mat EDER success story: This new technology is patented – the consequent implementation leverages at the market. In the meantime this EDER technology is delivered globally.

1973 – Vienna

Opening of the branch office  in the 15th district of Vienna for the distribution of EDER heating technology products and pressurisation units.

1975 –ISH Frankfurt

At the world´s leading trade fair for renewable energies, ISH Frankfurt, the elko-mat pressurisation unit is presented to international public.

1987 – gasifying technology

Under the name Biovent EDER presents a revolutionary wood gasifier heating technology for wood log boilers.

1995 – pellet boilers

The era of pellet boilers starts. EDER Pellevent represents the environment-friendly and convenient possibility of heating. In the meantime it is sold over thousand times to the delight of the customers.

1996 – international standards

Certification according to ISO 9001

1997 – Systemwart

In the meantime elko-mat EDER is established at home and abroad. Together with the new equipment generation elko-mat EDER Systemwart pursues a consistant and sucessful course as quality product.

2000 – Vienna

Aquisition of a real property in the 23th district of Vienna and establishing a modern centre of excellence for advice, support, training, sales and service for the domestic market and as centre for handling the market in transition countries.

2001 –  coat of arms

To pay tribute to the task of Anton Eder PLG the government of Salzburg remitted the state parliament to permit the carry of the Salzburg coat of arms.

2008 – upgrading Leisach

Upgrading the production area at the site Leisach. Admission of Margarethe Rader (neé Eder) and her husband Andreas Rader to the company management to set the course for the future and the stepless transfer to the next generation of the family company.

2010 – Multicontol is born

Multicontrol is the futher development of the long tried-and-tested Systemwart and a milestone in the history of EDER pressurisation technique.

2012 – 90 years EDER!

The group of EDER companies celebrate their 90 year anniversery.

2014 – warning, wet paint!

At the beginning of 2014 the new corporate identity including a new label and the claim „Better heating. Safe bet.“ were launched.

2018 – Company succession at the EDER group of companies by Mr. Hannes Eder!

Johann Eder Sr. retired at the end of 2016.
Consequently, Hannes Eder is the future managing partner of Gebrüder EDER GmbH in Leisach and co-owner of the EDER group of companies.

2020 – Let’s go for the future

Preparing the company for celebrating 100th birthday