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Pellet heating

Pellet heating

Pellet heating

Pellets fullfill all requirements, that are provided to a modern fuel: long term compared to other fuels it is price stable, available in unlimited quantities and reproducible. Above all, native production makes you independent . Pellets are produced from waste of agriculture and forestry and as fuel they are incompareable environment friendly. Pellet heating means: carefree heat today and in the future.


+ Unlimited resources – maximum security of supply

+ Native –independence in times of instable oil and natural gas prices

+ CO2 neutral – sustainable heating in the circuit of nature

+ Cost effective

But be careful: not all pellets are the same! To ensure a smooth operation of your pellet boiler, the quality of the fuel is essential. Therefore we warmly recommend our costumers to buy pellets according to DINplus and ENplus standard.

For example quality pellets from Austria are available from www.biobric.at. The company Fuels Mayrhofer e.U. in Amstetten is specialised on bio-fuels. The delivery of Biobric®pellets (powered by Riegler&Zechmeister) takes place free domicile. These pellets are free from artificial or chemical binders and guarantee an environment friendly heat supply.