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Wood heating

Wood heating

Wood heating

The fuel wood: a synonym for sustainability, comfort and innovation. For us these values are not only hot air, but deep-rooted in our mission statement and product range. The responsibility to our environment and our costumers abates us to raise the bar according the theme „wood heating“ step by step – by technical achievement, test marks and patents, that entered the develpoment of our wood log boiler Biovent. This way since 90 years high performance quality products are accrued, that utilise valueable fuels to the maximum and create a well beeing indoor climate in every home.

Why wood heating?

  1. Unlimited ressources – maximum security of supply à wood heating is RENEWABLE
  2. Independant in times of insecure oil- and natural gas prices à wood is NATIVE
  3. Sustainable heating in the cycle of nature à wood is CO2 NEUTRAL
  5. Wood heating does not affect the ecosystem à wood heating is suitable for GRANDCHILDREN´S FUTURE
  1. Wood is RENEWABLE

 „Wood is a versatile resource: as building material it is resistant, as raw material base for our furniture. It is the source material for paper and warms our home. The best: Wood regrows.“

Austria is a county with very much wood and forestry industry. Thus automatic results in a market for wood heating. Many of us have wood on their doorstep – others appreciate this way of heating since many decades.

  1. Wood is NATIVE

The oil price sways and the supply of natural gas is uncertain. We have experienced these facts especially in the last years. Again and again is threatened with artificial scarcity. This means, that the factor fossile fuels supplied from abraod stays a certain risk factor. On the other hand wood heating is reliable, because there is enough wood in Austria, our country is politically stable and there is no reason for fear of supply disruption. Furthermore legislation ensures, that more wood is planted than harvested. For the future wood heating always means carefree heating.

  1. Wood is CO2 NEUTRAL

From time immemorial trees and plants transduce sun energy to biomass in an on-going biochemical process. For this process, that we name photosynthesis, the plant takes the required CO2 directly from the atmosphere, it uses carbon (C) for growth and emitts oxygen. Wood is nothing else  than stored sun energy.“

Wood combustion emitts exactly the same amount CO2, that it has accomodated during growth. This is the reason why wood can be called CO2 neutral. It is the kind of combustion that minimizes the pollution of our environment and the ecosystem, because wood heating closes the circuit of nature.

  1. Wood heating is COST EFFECTIVE

Even if the oil price is at a historically low level now, wood is still about 40% cheaper than oil. This price range is still considerable, but it has already been more significant whereby it can be expected, that the gap will grow again in the next time.

Wood heating is possible in numerous variants: with a tiled stove, with a natural draught boiler, with a wood gasification boiler – just to name a couple of the most common. Each single system has its advantages and characteristics.

  1. wood heating is suitable for GRANDCHILDREN´S FUTURE

In Austrian woods more wood is growing than harvested every year. Wood fuels are a by-product of timber harvest and wood processing. The more wood we use as construction material, for furniture or other wood products, the more wood fuels are available. The amount waste wood, that accrues by the manufacture of one wood house, heats this house for about 70 years, in case of good insulation. Wood fuel and chopped wood are a harvesting by-product. Bark and sawdust originate from wood processing in a timber mill. Sawdust is processed to pellets.“

Anyone who heats with wood today, the grandchildren will thank the day after tomorrow. Wood is suitable for grandchildren´s future. Wood heating is an enormous crucial aspect in connection with energy transition and slowing of the climate change.

Therefore we, a member of the Austrian biomass association, say:



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