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13.05.2015 Renew heating or insulate?

13.05.2015 Renew heating or insulate?

For long time it is discussed within our industry: is insulating more effective than the simple replacement of the heating system? This is scientifically disproved by co2online – in a test with 21,000 single and semi detached houses. Fundings are mainly available in the area of building insulation, whereby about 71% of the heating systems are classified as „insufficient efficient“ and should be significantly more energy saving.

Especially in the area of refurbishment this knowledge is relevent. During the energy demand can be reduced up to 38% by renewal of the heating, building insulation only succeeds up to maxiumum of 19%. The payback period for insulation construction measures can be up to 76 years, whereby for heating systems values of maximum 12 years are calculated.

We from EDER recommend: in case of modernising to save energy, review the boiler room first. There is the potential! And the possibilitis are manifold! Either pellets, wood logs, combined heating or oil – we always have the suitable offer!