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Unit OD

Unit OD

The twin

Unit-OD consists of two lying upon another, single boilers with equivalent performance, collective electronic- and control unit.

During operation current changes of the switch on priority occur to ensure uniform operation time. In case of higher energy demand or to cover peaks a parallel operation of the both single-boilers is possible.

Even the charge control for an additional heat source (buffer charge, electrical return temperature increase) is adopted! Perfect cooperation –especially for systems with buffer storages – is guaranteed!

Dimensions: OD 3030, OD 4040

  1. Wärme-Triebwerk® (warming mechanism) Low NOx fuel burner R1
  2. easy removeable acoustic enclosure
  3. costumer friendly control panel
  4. all round insulation
  5. high performance turbulators
  6. electronic unit
  7. thermodynamic combustion chamber
  8. insulated burner door

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technical details
The boiler design and the flow direction inside enables a gliding boiler operation at low temperatures. 1. Core zone of the mixing effect.