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Unit BN

Unit BN

Warm water in abundance

Our compact and variable usable hot water reservoir. The Unit BN is mulitfunctional heatable by its two integrated heat exchangers and the possibilty of using electric screw-in heaters: by the boiler, by sun or electric (also combinable). If the solar register is not required it can be used as big heat exchanger optionally.

Dimensions: BN 200, BN 300, BN 500

Energy efficiency class: C

  1. Hygienic hot water reservoir with duo thermo coating
  2. Heat exchanger boiler
  3. Heat exchanger solar
  4. Magnesium protecting anode
  5. extra strong rigid foam insulation with high density for optimal thermal insulation (not replaceable)
  6. maintenance flansh, plastic coating (if necessary replaceable for smooth insertation)
  7. sleeve for possible integration of an electric screw-in heater.


  1. Hot water
  2. Cold water
  3. Circulation
  4. From the boiler
  5. To the boiler
  6. Connection of both heat exchangers, thus very large heat exchanger surface and short charging times
  7. Electric screw-in heater for optimal utilisation of beneficial electricity rate resp. as additional energy source for failure safety


  1. From the boiler
  2. To the boiler
  3. Solar control

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