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Spiral conveyance Spiro/Spiro-flex

Spiral conveyance Spiro/Spiro-flex

The king of convenience

Fully automatic

The feeding system with screw conveyors needs a storage room located next to the boiler room, so that a direct connection can be established. This kind of feeding is highly efficient and comfortable and available in two versions: the particular low price version Spiro and the particular flexible version Spiro-flex. In both versions, Spiro and Spiro-flex the pellets reach the burner directly by a flexible and reliable screw conveyor. By default the burner and the pellet feeding is located on the right side of the Pellevent boiler. In the series Pellevent an implementation at the left side of the boiler is available too.

Spiro and Spiro-flex are combinable with a fabric container too (GEObox*)

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