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In dialogue with my heating

With the EDER SMS module house and flat owners can control their boiler and expansion equipment at any time and everywhere. The module delivers all information about the actual operating status directly to the mobile phone and allows to respond to warnings at once – a short and free* call is enough. Wheater far away in Rio, from the top of Großglockner or from the couch: With the SMS module the system can be switched on or off from the distance. ***

* depends on the net operator! Requirement: no call forwarding to a voice mail/mailbox

** SIM card not scope of delivery

*** Not combinable with NET operation

your great benefit:
  • + posting of fault- or warning messages directy after occurence
  • + requesting of detailed informations and operating status
  • + acknowledge of fault- and warning messages
  • + chaning of the operating mode
  • + storage of up to 5 call numbers
  • + free of charge status request via call ( depending on the net operator – no call forwarding or voice mail)


Works with all well established net operators – with contract as well as prepaid SIM cards