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Oil condensing boiler COB

Oil condensing boiler COB

The uncomplicated one

The new COB with stratifaction storage and „BioÖl-Ready“ technology heats today with the technique of tomorrow: the boiler can be operated with standard and low sulphur fuel oil, or Bio fuel oil (B10).

Energy efficiency class: A

The high quality oil condensing boiler convinces:

  • Highest efficiency (99% Hs; 105% Hi standard efficiency)
  • Uncomplicated and convenient – Fully encased and ready assembled
  • Space saving light weight with 92kg
  • Intelligent regulated
  • Wide performance range 9-40kW with a two-stage burner
  • Cascade operation with up to four boilers possible
  • Serial tools on board (adjustment gauge, stainless steel cleaning brush and displacement grip)

COB: simple logical

your great benefit:
  • + ready assembled and directly useable
  • + standard efficiency of 99%
  • + lowering operation costs and space saving
  • + simple chimney refurbishment
  • + perfect combinable with wood or sun!

  1. Patented „warm water turbo“: routing and distribution system for hot and cold water inside the stratification cylinder to ensure a calm, radialwater distribution for excellent warm water performance
  2. Optimized insulation (PU rigid foam) to avoid energy losses
  3. 160l storage content
  4. Inside bigger than outside
  5. 280l/10min hot water; supplies up to fife households
  6. Circulation pump
  7. Trink water expansion vessel
  8. 2 stage oil pump
  9. Blue flame burner mixing system
  10. Insulated housing
  11. Neutralisation
  12. Condensor pump

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