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Multicontrol compact MCK

New! Pressure maintencance units multicontrol MCK can be supplied with working pressure up to 8.1 bar!

New! Dual valve system TWIN is now introduced for multicontrol MCK and is available immediately.

The elko-mat eder multicontrol devices are the consequent further development of the elko-mat eder patents, which are proved and tested for decades and thousandfold.

Multicontrol devices are designed for receiving the expansion volume and for keeping the pressure constant in closed warm water heating-, climate- and cooling-devices, according to EN12828.

The multicontrol compact MCK is a compact styled expansion- and pressure maintenance unit. The pressureless (0,5 bar safety valve) expansion vessel is add to the control unit and compared to diaphragm expansion vessels 100% of the vessel volume is useable. Inside the vessel the plant medium and the atmosphere are seperated by a high quality and changeable membrane.

Even for the basic configuration four potential free signal contacts (error, warning, make-up in operation, device operation enabled) are available!

By the self supporting construction and the housing a minimal sound transmission is ensured.

A higher range of use is given by the three systems „solo“, „duo“ „maxi“, “twin” and the standard extending up of the working pressure range!

The connections for integration into the system are foreseen at both sides of our device.

Through enhanced monitoring features and the resulting possible useage of EV intermediate vessels an operation in systems with a temperature limit of 110° C is possible.

The automatic degassing function is build in series and bases on the principle of pressure drop according to the pysical law of Henry.

Using the successful exeriences of existing elko-mat EDER systems many detail improvements were realised with the multicontrol facility series.

Mulitcontrol compact MCK is available in the following combinations:

System solo, duo, maxi

Nominal capacity: 45, 75, 125, 200, 300 or 500 liter, extensible by MCB-Z additional vessels of same size

Usable upper working pressure: 4.0; 5.6 6.6 or 8,1 bar

Additionally to the basic configuration following original accessories for the multicontol compact MCK are available:

Multicontrol MCB-Z additional vessel (same size as the MCK main vessel!) to extend the acceptable expansion volume

Multicontrol MCF-1 make-up module for amount controlled make-up

Extension modules for analog and binary remote monitoring and binary remote monitoring with remote quitting for extended signal exchange with the process control

SMS module for mobile and alltime smooth remote monitoring

Dimensions: 45l, 75l, 125l, 200l, 300l, 500l

your great benefit:
  • + 100% Austrian product, material and service
  • + From now on the compact design for systems up to 8.1 bar results in advantages concerning function, assembly and investment.
  • + Furthermore a wide field of interesting applications for medium systems is opened.
  • + The dual valve system TWIN enlarges the full failure reserve for the safety valve (each designed for 100% of the expansion volume flow), that is manually switchable as required.

technical details
Solo - Single pump system

Duo – dual pump system 2x50% for a huge scope of application

Maxi – dual pump system 2x100% for double security