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Multicontrol cool MCC

Pressure maintenance is cool!

New! Additionally to the already proven multicontrol cool MCC-S devices, the dual pump systems MAXI (2x 100%) and DUO (2x 50%) are introduced with the actual price list.

The rapid increasing numbers of air-conditioning and cooling systems have induced us from EDER to develop a product, that focuses the special requirements of these systems. Preferential the following physical aspects have to be considered:

  • temperature differences within the system
  • temperature variations at the location of installation
  • condensation

100% Austrian product, material and service!


your great benefit:
  • + Vessel produced of corrosion-resistant, stainless steel (already prepaired ex works for thermic insulating on site)
  • + Especially flexible and diffusion resistant membran
  • + corrosion resistant collection tray produced of special synthetic material for controlled condensate collection (available as ideal accessory)
  • + perfectly pre-assembled control-unit with thermal seperation between the compact hydraulic and control electronics upper part
  • + corrosion-resistant materials in all device areas where condensation can be expected
  • + serially degassing device, make-up module as optional accessory available
  • + Low noise pressurisation pump (1x100%)
  • + Serially lowest temperature at the connection point down to -10°C; individual solutions for higher demands on request.

The dual pump system MAXI enlarges the pressurisation unit with a second pump, that is provided as failure reserve. Each of the both pumps are designed for an expansion volume flow of 100%.

The dual pump system DUO reaches a higher expansion volume flow by the second, parallel working pump (2×50%) and the specially designed overflow valve. Furthermore suitable connection-sets for the expansion vessels MCC-G and MCC-Z are available as original accessory.

technical details
Detail photo: pipework

Detail photo: connections