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Loading group

Loading group

Temperature security

The loading group serves as return flow maintenance before the boiler and protects it from getting demaged by condensation or corrosion, that is caused by too low return temperatures.

The loading group is available in two basic designs:
Design „electric“ to be used for Eder boilers with integrated loading group control (e.g. Biovent C/SLC/XLC, Pellevent M, Kombipell, Unit OM/OD). Design „ther mostatic“ for geral utilisation without loading group control (e.g. ECO NZ, Elko-therm Eder HW, natural draught boilers, etc.)

Designs: electric (left picture); thermostatic (right picture with manometer)

  1. Connection boiler flow
  2. Connection heating flow
  3. Connection heating return flow
  4. Connection boiler return flow
  5. Thermostatic three way mixing valve
  6. Bypass pipe (provided on side)
  7. Contact sensor for mixing valve
  8. Loading pump
  9. Safety valve
  10. Ventilation
  11. Manometer
  12. Connection bypass security group
  13. Connection bypass mixing valve
  14. Thermometer

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