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Elko-therm EDER HW

Elko-therm EDER HW

The classical one

With upper combustion and horizontal drafts the requirements to the necessary chimney draft are very low (0.18mbar).

Extra large heating surfaces and double redirection of the flue gas take care for best fuel utilisation. Combustion air supply is stepless regulated by the combustion controller.

Thus it is best suitalbe for the combustion of solid short flamming fuels e.g. coke or coal.

Dimension: HW 19

your great benefit:
  • + easy handling
  • + compact and space saving design and constuction
  • + operational reliability
  • + save utilisation
  • +

  1. Facing panel
  2. Large, ergonomic located trap door
  3. Secondary air register
  4. Stock door
  5. Primary air flap
  6. Flue gas throttle flap
  7. Flue tube
  8. Thick walled boiler isulation
  9. Grate (4 pieces)
  10. Ash tray
  11. Housing base

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