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Elko-san EDER SAN

Elko-san EDER San is a safety expansion vessel for warm-water sanitary facilities. It accepts expansion of the service water in systems with a maximum operation pressure of 10 bar as well as pressure surges or it can be used as air-pressure vessel. Elko-san EDER vessels are used for service water and are available in not flowed through design.

Ensuring maximum hygiene Elko-san EDER vessels are equipped with a changeable, 100% food-safe membrane! All connections are produced of stainless materials and allow a 100% seperation of the steel vessel and the medium.

Installation takes place by a wall mounting console (SAN 15 to SAN 60) resp. is carried out as stand vessel (SAN 120 to SAN 300). The flanged and changeable membrane is food-safe and tasteless, flange and connection are produced of stainless steel.

Dimensions in liter: SAN2, SAN15, SAN20, SAN30, SAN60, SAN120, SAN180, SAN240, SAN300

Technical details:

  • Certified according to the EG pressure equipment Directive 97/23/EG
  • Maximum temperature at the connection point: 70°C
  • Maximum operating pressure: 10bar
your great benefit:
  • + 100% Austrian product, material and service

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