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Elko-mat EDER R-MWE

Elko-mat EDER MWE – module for water softening, regenerative

When and why should the Elko-mat EDER R-MWE be appropriated? Some examples:

  • In case of a high raw water hardness (e.g. >15°dH) resp. in case of ongoing necessary make-up, because of known losses in the system and thus often necessary cartridge changes in cartridge (one-way) systems like MWE.
  • If the initial filling of the system shall be carried out by an afterwards remaining R-MWE (high flow rates, up to 3300l/h are possible).
  • If the cartridge change of an already installed MWE is too extensive during onging operation.
  • In case of problems with the pressure, caused by a blocked make-up, because of a neglected cartrigde change of an installed MWE. Remedy provides the R-MWE!
  • R-MWE with its motoric hard water barrier is useable as softener for all make-up devices (even for third party equipment or in systems with primary pressure vessels for pressure maintenance and external make-up device)!


During operation the raw water is channelled over the resin through a valve. In the exchanger resin calcium and magnesium ions of the water are replaced by sodium ions. As soon as the resin in the pressure vessel is depleted, it has to be regenerated. Because of the hard water barrier no make-up water is available during the regeneration period.

To avoid microbial contamination in the brine tank, it is not filled until the beginning of regeneration.

Type: 28


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