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Elko-mat EDER MWE

Module for water softening

Why is water softening necessary?

The quality of the heating water is decisive for the reliable functioning of the heating system. If the water is too hard, lime and magnesium can settle on hot surfaces and inevitably clog pipes and heat exchanger surfaces.



The make-up water passes the ion exchange resin, contained in a cartridge, whereby the hardeners of the water, calcium and magnesium, are replaced by the harmless and water-soluble sodium.


Elko-mat EDER MWE can only be used in combination with an elko-mat EDER make-up module MKN-M (in combination with Systemwart ST-M or STZ-M) resp. multicontrol MCF (in combination with multicontrol compact MCK, multicontrol modular MCM or topcontrol modular TCM) or PCF-1 (in conjunction with picocontrol compact PCK). Therewith it is ensured, that the remaining capacity of the ion exchanger cartridge is monitored and – if necessary – the operator is automatically requested to exchange the cartridge. During commissioning it is necessary to identify water-hardness and to put the data into the system.

Application area:

The standard differences between fill water (initial filling of the system) and make-up water (necessary refilling of water losses).

Elko-mat EDER MWE in combination with an electronic monitoring of the ion exchanger capacity serves exclusively for softening the make-up water.

Types: MWE 6, MWE 12

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