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Elko-mat EDER EG(Z)-M

Elko-mat EDER EG(Z)-M – the closed, pressureless storage

Elko-mat EDER EG-M expansion vessels and EGZ-M additional vessels – shortly EG(Z)-M – are designed for storing the expansion volume in warm water heating-, climate- and cooling-devices.

In contrast to membran pressure expansion vessels the vessel volume of the pressureless (0.5 bar safety valve) EG(Z)-M expansion (additional) vessel is useable to 100%. The media in the system and the atmosphere are seperated inside the vessel by a high-quality and changeable membran.

The usage is only possible in combination with a control unit of the series multicontrol modular MCM as well as of the topcontrol modular TCM.

EG-M includes a pressure transmitter for differential pressure level control, that is analysed by the control unit and is used for the further function of the pressure maintenance system.

To extend the acceptable expansion volume EG(Z)-M additional vessels can be used. They must have the same size as the EG-M vessel. Upstream as well as downstream they must be connected communicating.

EG(Z)-M expansion vessels can be used in systems with a maximum operation temperature of 90°C; by using an EV auxillary vessel a safety temperature of 110°C is possible. For systems with a safety temperature higher than 110°C we offer single solutions on request.

The maxiumum temperature at the connection point of the EG(Z)-M expansion vessel is 70°C.

Dimensions: 12 standard sizes between 200 and 10,000l, additional vessel variants on request!

  1. Suction line
  2. Overflow line
  3. Gas-side vessel connection

  1. Saugleitung
  2. Überströmleitung
  3. gasseitige Behälterverbindung