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Elko-flex EDER solar

Elko-flex EDER solar is a safety expansion vessel, especially designed for solar systems. Elko-flex EDER Solar is equipped with a antifreeze resistant membrane, that is changeable.

All connections are produced of stainless materials and ensure a 100% seperation of the steel vessel and the medium.

Installation is possible with a wall mounting console (Solar 18 to Solar 50) resp. is carried out as stand vessel (Solar 90 to Solar 300). The flanged and changeable membrane is antifreeze resistant, flange and connections are produced of stainless steel.

Dimensions in liter: solar 18, solar 25, solar 35, solar 50, solar 90, solar 120, solar 200, solar 300

Technical details:

  • Certified according to the EG pressure equipment Directive 97/23/EG
  • Maximum temperature at the connection point: 70°C
  • Maximum operating pressure: 6bar
your great benefit:
  • + 100% Austrian product, material and service

  1. Shut-off device
  2. Circulation pump
  3. Check valve
  4. Safety valve
  5. Safety flow
  6. Collector
  7. Elko-flex EDER Solar safety expansion vessel
  8. Elko-flex EDER Maintenance unit
  9. Water heater


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