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EFM-30 E

EFM-30 E

The hygienic efficient fresh water module

In case of hot water preperation hygiene is ranked first. EFM 30 with patented temperature contol unit exclusively heatens up the water if it is needed. Thus the module is guarantor für hygienic hot water with simultaneous high energy efficiency.

The fresh water module is designed for the preperation of fresh, hygienic warm water with constant temperatur and works by the continuous flow principle. It is the perfect supplement to the buffer storage Akku ESP.

For even more convenience with the hot water preperation the module cares for water circuation. Thereby the fresh water module is extended by a circulation pump, whereby well tempered water is available for the consumer all the time.

your great benefit:
  • + EFM-30 convinces by a high hot water performance up to 30l/min and a compact design for wall mounting

  1. Check valve
  2. temperature choice button
  3. plate heat exchanger
  4. primary pump
  5. push in connection for additional module for hot water circulation
  6. optional additional module for hot water circulation with pump, return flow thermostat and clock timer
  7. cold water penetration
  8. hot water outlet
  9. heating flow
  10. heating return
  11. circulation

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