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Eco NZ

Eco NZ

The compact one

The natural draught wood gasification boiler Eco NZ is designed for wood logs with 1/3m length, maximum economically and sample tested for a guaranted environmental friendly operation. The boiler body is outwardly fully water cooled. Together with the thick walled boiler isulation this ensures least radiation losses, a maxiumum heat transfer and consequently for an efficiency that seemed to be unachievable by a natural draught boiler up to now. In combination with an eleborated airflow a top efficiency of 89% is achieved.

Dimensions: Eco NZ 18, Eco NZ 28

your great benefit:
  • + high performance in a small space
  • + economical and efficient fuel consumption
  • + high reliability by approved quality
  • + independence of outside parameters by unlimited national fuel resources

  1. combustion chamber for low emission combustion
  2. air supply for post-combustion to achieve maximum efficiency
  3. jet grate
  4. flue gas buffle plate
  5. broad feeding chamber
  6. water coat
  7. thick walled boiler isulation for least radiation losses
  8. cooling register for thermal flow protection
  9. transport mattocks
  10. large trap door for confortable feeding
  11. primary air trap without electricity
  12. heat up door
  13. asch tray for easy cleaning
  14. cleaning door
  15. exhaust gas connection 160mm

customer service
Spare parts

technical details
Suction draught support: In case of not permanent sufficient chimney draft (necessary minimal feed pressure) the Eco NC can be equipped with an optional available upgrade kid suction draught support with charging pump control (integration and also retrofitting is possible easily)

The upgrade kid suction draught support with charging pump control includes an energy efficient, quiet draught fan together with a blowing chamber for an integration in the flue gas way by the costumer. Already included are the necessary temperature sensor and the funtions for the charging group control between the boiler and the buffer.