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Efficient heating by energy storage

The flexible buffer storage from the house of EDER, is combinable with every heating system because of its simple and space saving design. Additionally the Akku-ESP convinces by its high material quality as well as its long life time. Its extra strong insulation ensures top thermal insulation.

Dimensions: ESP 500, ESP 850, ESP 1000, ESP 1500

your great benefit:
  • + optimal combinable with different heat sources (oil-, gas-, biomass boilers etc.)
  • + expandable by parallel connection for higher buffer volumes
  • + perfect combinable with the fresh water module EFM-30 for hot water heating
  • + connections for the integration of solar energy by solar battery chargers with plate heat exchangers
  • + installation option for totally 5 temperature measurement points with standard immersion pocket and thus high flexiblity: depending on the immersion pocket resp. more than one temperature sensors per measurement point are possible.
  • +

  1. Buffer storage
  2. fittings for flow direction
  3. coating construction to integrate the return flow at the right temperature level
  4. extra strong flexible foam insulation with synthetic coating for optimal thermal insulation

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