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01.01.2022 Spirotech acquires EDER

Helmond (NL) and Leisach (AT), Spirotech is acquiring the family business EDER for its technology, knowledge and experience in the field of pressurization in HVAC installations. Pressurisation in installations is essential for controlling the quality of the system water and, as …

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07.11.2019 Elko-flex EDER NP

elko-flex EDER expansion vessels are fully welded pressure expansion vessels with absolute medium separation and constant inlet pressure. for closed hot water heating, air-conditioning and cold water systems. The elko-flex eder NP is a safety expansion vessel specially designed for …

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31.10.2019 The classic among fireplaces

A tiled stove has always been the epitome of cosiness. There is probably no other fireplace that has developed into such a symbol of relaxing and soothing warmth as the tiled stove. Whether in the kitchen or the good living …

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24.10.2019 Multicontrol Autofill MCA

Multicontrol autofill solo MCA-S for automatic, quantity-controlled feeding of special media (such as antifreeze mixtures) from a storage tank. Pressure-controlled replenishment directly into closed systems and contact-controlled operation for combination with Multicontrol pressure maintenance devices is possible. The circulation function …

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03.10.2019 The only constant is change

Mrs. Maria-Luise Haberl has been an employee of our company for 33 years and has been responsible for the sales agendas of her colleagues in the Salzburg office for the last 23 years with persistence and zeal. She has always …

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19.09.2019 Correctly adjusted gas inlet pressure

Today we would like to inform you about the correct dimensioning of expansion vessels and the significance of the gas pre-pressure. To ensure a constant system pressure in closed hydraulic systems (heating, solar, refrigeration, etc.), the correct size and inlet …

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