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29.01.2019 Picocontrol compact solo PCK-S

29.01.2019 Picocontrol compact solo PCK-S

Since April 2018 EDER has had an important innovation in the field of pressure maintenance. The elko-mat EDER picocontrol compact solo PCK-S.
An extra strong price/performance proof from EDER for system technology in the low performance range.

Elko-mat eder pressure maintenance systems work according to the principle of pump pressure maintenance with closed expansion vessels. Multicontrol devices are designed to absorb the expansion volume and to maintain constant pressure in closed hot water heating, air-conditioning and cooling systems in accordance with EN12828.

The elko-mat EDER picocontrol is an expansion and low pressure degassing unit, designed for a maximum operating pressure of 6 bar. Volume-controlled make-up, as well as water softening or full desalination are optionally available for the device.

Available pressure range: usable upper working pressure 1,0-4,0 bar

Quiet in operation!