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25.07.2019 SMS-module

25.07.2019 SMS-module

With the EDER SMS module, home and apartment owners have boilers and pressure-maintaining devices always and everywhere under control. The module brings all information to the current operating condition directly on mobile phone and makes it possible to react immediately to warnings – a short, free call is sufficient. Whether in Rio, at the Grossglockner or from the couch: With the SMS module, the systems can be conveniently switched on or off remotely.


Your big plus:

  • Send fault and warning messages immediately after they occur
  • Querying detailed information and operating states
  • Acknowledgment of fault and warning messages
  • Notification as soon as heating up is necessary or refilling makes sense
  • Changing the operating modes
  • Up to 5 phone numbers can be stored
  • Free status query per call (depending on network operator: if no call diversion or voicebox)