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24.10.2019 Multicontrol Autofill MCA

24.10.2019 Multicontrol Autofill MCA

Multicontrol autofill solo MCA-S for automatic, quantity-controlled feeding of special media (such as antifreeze mixtures) from a storage tank. Pressure-controlled replenishment directly into closed systems and contact-controlled operation for combination with Multicontrol pressure maintenance devices is possible.

The circulation function enables forced mixing of the medium in the tank before replenishment. The make-up unit is perfectly matched to the EDER MCA-G storage tank.

A special advantage is the low-noise self-priming make-up pump.

The Multicontrol autofill vessel MCA-G consists of highly media-resistant plastic and a reinforced, torsion-resistant grid jacket made of galvanised steel pipe.

Your big plus:
– Convenient complete solution for replenishing special media from an external tank with connection for collecting line for returning media to the tank

– Particularly low-noise self-priming make-up pump

– From pioneer to number 1: 45 years of experience in expansion technology

– In-house customer service for the support of your plant – for the entire product life cycle