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21.09.2015 pressure maintenance 2.0: low-pressure-degassing included!

21.09.2015 pressure maintenance 2.0: low-pressure-degassing included!

In a closed plant (heating, cooling, solar) it is necessary to keep the media inside as poor of gas as possible to prevent from corrosion and malfunctions.

Applying the pressurisation by using diaphragm type expansion tanks often necessitates additional degassing devices for “treating the symptoms” while plants with an EDER pump pressure maintenance function without any difficulty from the outset: an additional degassing-unit is needless. A characteristic of EDER expansion systems is their pressure-less vessel.

That’s why a relevant pressure difference between plant and pressure-less vessel always is to be achieved by the low-pressure-degassing even at quite low plant pressure (e.g. plant’s pressure relief valve 3 bar).

The low-pressure-degassing works according to the principle of pressure drop: Pressurised water dissolves more gases than in pressure-less condition as easily can be discovered by quickly opening a bottle of acidulated mineral water. Something similar happens during low-pressure-degassing.

So with EDER pump pressure maintenance systems a pressure drop from plant pressure to 0.5 bar at the most is always achievable. Further reducing the pressure (e.g. to underpressure -0.5 bar) possibly would result in even lower dissolubility but is not very meaningful due to technical and economic reasons.

Conclusion: using the innovative system by EDER from the outset prevents from problem troubleshooting necessity afterwards!