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21.03.2017 The FUEGO is now also available in room air-independent

21.03.2017 The FUEGO is now also available in room air-independent

The tiled stove “warms the back and caresses the soul” – now also for everyone in the new building!

“The flames blaze, the wood crackles, the fire rushes – for many people heating with fire is the epitome of romance,” says Xaver Forthuber of Ö1.

Especially this winter, which had brought cold temperatures to Austria for many weeks, people were happy when it was cosy at home. Where a tiled stove is a matter of course, as for example in old farmhouses in the country, the installation is no problem. But individual fireplaces are also becoming increasingly important in urban areas and new buildings. In these cases, special requirements often arise: Low-energy or passive houses, as well as residential units with living space ventilation, extractor hoods or thermally refurbished old buildings require a tiled stove that is independent of room air.

That is why we at EDER are offering the FUEGO AURA from spring 2017 – our beautiful tiled stove, both in classic and modern style, in the air-independent version.

What does “room air-independent” mean?

Room air-independent means that the tiled stove does not extract the combustion air from the living room, but is supplied with air from an external source. This can be from the outside, from a special fireplace, from the cellar or from elsewhere. The furnace then requires special connections and a special design to ensure the optimised and efficient use of secondary air.

Naturally, the tiled stoves in the “FUEGO AURA” version are also equipped with our practical modular construction system and the patented thermal system.

Thanks to the clever modular construction system, the furnace can be set up easily and uncomplicatedly by anyone in the shortest possible time, provided the connections are properly prepared.

During operation, the thermal system ensures the intelligent 2in1 effect: If the tiled stove is continuously heated with an open thermal system, the room heats up particularly quickly. When the thermal system is closed, the stove can use its full storage capacity and emits many hours of radiant heat to the room.

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