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19.09.2019 Correctly adjusted gas inlet pressure

19.09.2019 Correctly adjusted gas inlet pressure

Today we would like to inform you about the correct dimensioning of expansion vessels and the significance of the gas pre-pressure.

To ensure a constant system pressure in closed hydraulic systems (heating, solar, refrigeration, etc.), the correct size and inlet pressure of the expansion tank is an important factor: if the expansion tanks are too small, they will not be able to absorb the entire expansion volume and pressure fluctuations in the system will result.

An incorrectly set or missing gas inlet pressure also impairs the overall function of the system.

If the inlet pressure is missing or too low, the expansion vessel absorbs so much water even at low system temperatures that there is no room for physical expansion during the heating phase.

If the gas inlet pressure is too high, the possible intake volume is reduced and the function of the system is also impaired.

In our technical manual for pre-pressure vessels you will find a quick selection table for the correct dimensioning and the correct settings for expansion vessels.