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14.12.2016 We say: communication is BUS 2.0!

14.12.2016 We say: communication is BUS 2.0!

We recently informed you that EDER has been offering Multicontrol fieldbus modules for connection to a building management system for some time: Profibus has been available since the beginning of 2016, Modbus RTU has also been available for several weeks and we have also added the multicontrol Profinet fieldbus module. Bus modules can be used instead of the previously used SMS module (always only one bus module on the device).

You can also find the three variants as accessories in our online design program!

Your big plus of Profibus, Modbus RTU and Profinet:

All three systems guarantee an extensive data exchange with the corresponding control technology remote station, which concerns:
– all information that the existing expansion modules can transmit analog or binary remote messages & remote acknowledgement
– Additional detailed information such as: status of all operating hours counters, set operating modes and setpoints, pending warning or fault messages, as well as the current status of each individual possible message in detail, current total make-up quantity, residual quantity and residual capacity,…

Easy, uncomplicated and inexpensive to retrofit to any Multicontrol and Topcontrol device