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12.09.2019 The Eder tiled stove is a win-win investment

12.09.2019 The Eder tiled stove is a win-win investment

It is time again: the warm season is soon over and the first cool days remind us that the heating season is just around the corner. After the eventful summer months, lower temperatures and shorter days often go hand in hand with the need for comfort at home. This wish can best be fulfilled with a tiled stove – and saves money at the same time by heating with the inexpensive fuel wood.

The EDER tiled stove has a very special feature that makes it unique on the market: its innovative patented thermo system combines the advantages of a “Swedish stove” with those of a classic tiled stove. When the thermo flap is open, the room is first heated up very quickly and is thus at a comfortable temperature in a very short time. After heating up, the thermo flap can be closed and the room can be kept warm for hours by radiant heat.

Thanks to the intelligent modular construction system, the Fuego can be set up quickly and easily and its design adapts to its surroundings. Which model suits you best? Put together your own perfect tiled stove!