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12.03.2018 Edition Fuego Style Aura: SALT & PEPPER

12.03.2018 Edition Fuego Style Aura: SALT & PEPPER

This year, our modern line of the edition for tiled stoves independent of room air is not only available in white, natural stone and red, but also in the colour “blackwood”.

The Fuego Aura is designed for air-independent operation in residential units with living space ventilation, extractor hood, thoroughly renovated old buildings and passive or low-energy houses.

The stove has a manually operated air flap and a self-closing door, which is 100% tight and closed to prevent smoke gases from escaping into the living area.

The air sucked in from the outside is divided into primary and secondary air by the intelligent design of the Fuego Aura and diverted in such a way that clean, optimised combustion with high efficiency is achieved. After heating up, the Fuego Aura can be conveniently controlled via the thermal system just like any other Fuego.