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10.10.2019 Tiled stove “Fuego Stil”

10.10.2019 Tiled stove “Fuego Stil”

Modern with or without decorative tile

Fuego style freestanding or flush with the wall is the modern version of the Fuego line. It is:
– 65,5 cm wide
– 45 cm deep and
– 162 cm high
The Fuego style is available in different colour combinations, in one or two-tone versions, with black or chrome doors. Try our tiled stove configurator and find your perfect model!

Its nominal heat output is at least 4.9 kW, maximum 9 kW and thus heats a room volume of 80-150m³.

The Fuego style

The EDER tiled stove is a modular tiled stove with the “open fireplace effect”, equipped with the patented ThermoSystem® for long-lasting or rapidly emitted heat:
– The open thermo flap ensures that the tiled stove heats up quickly and thus heats up the room very quickly.
– When the thermo-flap is closed, the heat is stored inside the stove and slowly released into the room over a long period of time.

The modular construction system of the EDER tiled stove guarantees quick and clean assembly (within one hour).

Outstanding values that convince! The strict Austrian B-VG 15a regulation prescribes clean and powerful combustion. Tiled stoves from EDER meet these strict standards and fall far short of regulations!

All these characteristics make the Fuego an unmistakable tiled stove!