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07.11.2019 Elko-flex EDER NP

07.11.2019 Elko-flex EDER NP

elko-flex EDER expansion vessels are fully welded pressure expansion vessels with absolute medium separation and constant inlet pressure.
for closed hot water heating, air-conditioning and cold water systems.

The elko-flex eder NP is a safety expansion vessel specially designed for closed buffer systems. In this vessel, the expansion medium is taken in a flanged, exchangeable bag membrane.

Order of magnitude in l: NP 115, NP 230

Technical data:
– complies with EC Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU
– max. safety temperature of the system without/with auxiliary vessel: 90/110 °C
– Max. temperature at connection point: 70 °C
– max. operating pressure: 3 bar