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05.08.2016 Elko-flex EDER solar

05.08.2016 Elko-flex EDER solar

Do you already know our expansion vessel for solar systems?

Elko-flex EDER solar is a safety expansion vessel specially designed for solar systems. The elko-flex EDER solar is equipped with an anti-freeze-resistant membrane that can be replaced.

All connections are made of stainless materials and allow 100% separation of steel tank and medium.

The series was developed because difficulties and system malfunctions occurred time and again with the usual devices and thus no stable continuous operation could be guaranteed – as the various suppliers of such solar systems had told us at the time.

In addition, however, a wide range of special applications has also emerged. Among others, elko-flex EDER solar vessels are used all over the world for radio and TV transmitters. They are reliable and user-friendly and are therefore highly valued.