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02.05.2019 Expansion vessels for sanitary installations

02.05.2019 Expansion vessels for sanitary installations

We all know that drinking water is a valuable resource that we should not be too wasteful with. EDER has a product that can help to save drinking water efficiently, because with hot water storage tanks (boilers) valuable drinking water is constantly lost during the heating phase via the safety valve.


Expansion vessels of the elko-san eder San D series prevent the safety valves from opening and becoming incrusted during hot water preparation; precious drinking water is therefore no longer lost during the heating phase.

Due to the special, flow-through design and the food-safe diaphragm (stainless steel connection and flange), the constantly increasing hygienic requirements are also met.

Elko-san EDER san D expansion vessels are available with a practical wall mounting bracket (San 20D to San 60D) or as a standing vessel with attractive and practical feet (San 90D to San 300D).